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May 2017 – #SummerFit

212Featuring Oksana Grishina, 3x Ms Fitness Olympia and 4x Ms Fitness International winner. This issue includes everything from a comprehensive fat loss workout and diet to recipes to get you #SummerFit. Bonus feature by Kris Gethin.

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September 2016


By far one of our most popular issues – featuring Tom Coleman on the cover and Dr Layne Norton as our guest editor, this issue contains articles about IIFYM, caffeine, protein bars and the best type of milk for your fitness goals.

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May 2016


Featuring Josef Rakich, who was voted the world’s most successful online trainer, this issue comes with everything from recipes to 7 simple tips to kickstart your fitness plan and even advanced fat loss strategies from the guru, Josef Rakich.

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Jan 2016 New Year Edition

JANUARY MuscleManual

Featuring the world’s most influential fitness model, Jaco de Bruyn. This issue contains in-depth information on intermittent fasting, a complete guide to creatine supplementation, the top 7 fitness myths and even an entire workout plan to make 2016 the healthiest year of you life.

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