Fixing The Indian Fitness Industry with Nick Orton

Nick Orton, CEO of BodyPower and globally recognized entrepreneur sat down to discuss the state of the Indian fitness industry and its future with Muscle Manual.

MM: We’ve seen a lot of development in the emerging Indian fitness industry this last decade, but what can we do to really improve the pace at which the industry is growing?

Nick: I’m trying to push the agenda that gym owners and trainers should value trainers more highly. At the moment, trainers are not treated as well as they should, they’re not guaranteed that they’re going to get paid, they have a very low basic wage and are pushed to pursue countless hours of personal training for commissions. I see trainers on par with doctors and nurses, who are all about curing illness, but we need to place more emphasis on prevention. Trainers are critical at being able to avoid these health problems in the first place.

The reality is that this country has an enormous obesity problem, has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity, and a horrendous type2 diabetes problem caused by diet, and it’s not acceptable to leave it to other people, we the people should be pushing the agenda so that we try and reverse that trend and those horrific health statistics.

MM: In recent years, a lot of emphasis has been placed on education and qualification of trainers and coaches, which is great, but how can we reach out and educate the general masses about the basics of health and fitness?

Nick: Trainers are a very important part of this equation because if you educate and motivate the trainers, they will inspire the public to get fitter and healthier.

The other thing is the media, like yourself, are taking interest and initiatives. The press seem to be genuinely keen to cover the story, they seem interested in understanding what should be done and how to get behind it – and that’s education, that’s how to reach the masses.

MM: What advice do you have for anyone looking to gain employment in the fitness industry?

Nick: Choose your area in the fitness industry carefully, so that you match your skills to the role, work hard, like with any job, learn as much as you can, and dedicate yourself to it because you should never enter anything half-heartedly.

You can achieve a lot more if you push yourself and look at the fitness industry as a route for a career, the fitness industry in India is young and fast growing, there are plenty of opportunities if you have the right attitude, dedicate yourself to it to fulfill your own potential.