New Research Proves That Sugar Is NOT Addictive

lump-sugar-549096_1920This week sees another win for the IIFYM/Flexible dieting community as a new research paper proves that sugar is, indeed not addictive. The study does not aim to contradict previous data that claims sugar activates the same receptors in the brain as narcotics because addiction is a much more complex process than simply activating a few receptors and shooting your dopamine levels sky high.


This data has also been endorsed by credible fitness influencers and flexible dieting advocates like Dr Layne Norton, who holds the world record for squatting the heaviest weight as a natural athlete. Untitled.png

So what does this mean for you? Should you increase your sugar intake? Can you start binging on sweets and dessert every day? Well, yes and no. While you certainly shouldn’t binge or get a majority of your carbs from sugar, it is alright to increase your sugar intake a little bit. This doesn’t mean your total calorie intake should increase – you need to adjust the calories correctly or hire a flexible dieting coach who can count the macros efficiently.

The study: